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Can you give me more information about TSA lock?

Published :2013-10-28 14:18:46

The lock system of Travel Sentry, Inc. is recognized by American Transportation Security Administration.

Every Travel Sentry® Approved lock has a special identification mark(red diamond) alerting the TSA and other security agencies that they can open the lock without destroying it.

Each lock has a special code, which is used by the TSA and other security agencies to know which tool to use to open the lock.

Every security screening location at all USA airports and now many other international airports are able to open the lock and then relock it after inspection.

The key hole on TSA combination lock is available for customs officials to open the lock by a maser key. There is no key inside the luggage case assembled with such TSA lock. End-users are indicated to set TSA combination lock with password to open and lock the luggage case..

A single luggage case is allowed to be assembled with two TSA locks at most. That’s why we often see two latch locks or one TSA integrated key lock on a frame luggage case and one TSA combination lock on a zipper luggage case.

For more information about TSA, please click its official webpage www.travelsentry.org.

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